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General Overview of the IELTS test

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a widely recognized assessment of English language proficiency. It is designed for individuals who are non-native English speakers and wish to live, study, or work in countries where English is the dominant language. The IELTS exam evaluates a candidate’s skills in all four language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking, on a nine-point scale. The exam is divided into two categories: the Academic IELTS Exam, which is specifically designed for international students applying to study at a university or other educational institution, and the General IELTS Exam, which is geared towards individuals seeking to immigrate to countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Let’s make your 7+ dream come true

At Best IELTS center, we are committed to helping you fulfil your dream for a better IELTS score by offering comprehensive IELTS preparation courses. Whether you are looking to improve your overall English language skills or just want to familiarize yourself with the test format, our experienced coaches have the knowledge and expertise to guide you on your journey. With our support, you can confidently take on the IELTS exam and achieve the score you need to realize your dreams.

Innovating the IELTS test Preparation in Nepal

It’s time to embrace new and innovative ways of learning that offer convenience and accessibility without sacrificing the quality of education. Let’s move away from the traditional classroom model and explore the latest methods of learning that are easily accessible and effective. This way, we can continue to grow and improve without being limited by outdated modes of education.

At our IELTS institutes, we are always watching the current trends and technological developments so that we can apply them to improve the overall learning experience.

We are the best choice for preparation of all the four modules.

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Join The Best IELTS Online Classes in Nepal

Best IELTS Online Coaching by BEST Consultancy is a program that offers live, interactive classes with highly trained tutors. During these sessions, you will have access to the latest tips and proven training methods to help you succeed on the IELTS exam. The online coaching classes offered by the BEST Consultancy have gained popularity due to their effectiveness in providing quality learning experiences. In addition to the live sessions, you may also have access to other learning resources such as practice materials and feedback on your progress. By participating in the best IELTS Online Coaching program, you can improve your skills and increase your chances of achieving your desired IELTS score even if you can't attend the physical IELTS preparation classes.

Options to Prepare IELTS at Best IELTS Class, Nepal

BEST IELTS Class in Kathmandu and Nepal

The IELTS course offered by BEST Consultancy is designed to help students improve their test-taking abilities and achieve higher scores than they may have thought possible. The syllabus combines skill development, strategies, techniques, and knowledge to give students the tools they need to succeed.

In addition to the comprehensive course material, students at BEST IELTS Class will have access to modern classroom technology, including LCD projectors, touch boards, and HD audio systems. These state-of-the-art amenities create an interactive and organized learning environment that supports student success. Our IELTS classrooms are fully equipped with the necessary technology to provide a comfortable and effective learning environment.

Best IELTS classes in Kathmandu

Our IELTS class in Kathmandu, taught by experienced coaches with a long history of teaching international students, is the best option for improving your English skills and familiarizing yourself with the format of English proficiency tests. Our coaches are knowledgeable about the expectations of major exams and are able to customize their programs to address the specific challenges faced by non-native speakers. By taking our course, you can not only save money by mastering the test on your first try, but also gain valuable skills in English writing, reading, listening, and speaking that will benefit you in the long term.

At Best IELTS Class, we are extremely proud of the accomplishments of our students. Time and time again, they have exceeded their own expectations and achieved impressive feats. We invite you to take a look at some of their notable accomplishments and see for yourself the dedication and hard work they put in to reach their goals.



6% of our students obtained 8+



48% of our regular students scored 7-8



34% of students of Best IELTS class secured 6-7


Below 6

Only 10% of all students we tutored at Best IELTS class got a score less than 6

Pricing Plan

Easy Pricing Plans

We promise to provide the best learning experience in a price that can't be found elsewhere for the equivalent service.

Online IELTS Class

Rs. 5000
  • Free Mock Tests
  • Online Demo
  • Preparation Guide
  • 10k Off on Application Process

Physical IELTS Class

Rs. 7000
  • Weekly Mock Tests
  • Printed Resources
  • One-on-one Mentoring
  • 10k Off on Application Process

Hybrid IELTS Class

Rs. 8000
  • Online+Offline
  • Everything from Online
  • Everything from Physical
  • Mock Test on Request

Goodie: To encourage our students even further, we provide Rs. 5000 cashback to students scoring 8 overall bands. On average, four students claim the cashback each month.

Understanding IELTS General and IELTS Academic

Let's talk about two versions of the IELTS tests

There are two versions of the IELTS test: IELTS General and IELTS Academic. In both versions of the IELTS test, the listening and speaking sections are the same. These sections assess the test taker’s ability to understand and use spoken English in a variety of contexts.

Click on the tabs heading to know the differences between these two types of IELTS Tests. Note: Best IELTS Class runs both types of IELTS preparation classes.

IELTS General is intended for test takers who want to migrate to an English-speaking country, or who want to study or train at a secondary school level. The reading and writing sections of the IELTS General test are designed to reflect the language skills needed for everyday life in an English-speaking environment. The topics covered in these sections may include social issues, employment, and training.

IELTS Academic is intended for test takers who want to study at university or work in a profession where English is the language of communication. The reading and writing sections of the IELTS Academic test are designed to reflect the language skills required for academic study. The topics covered in these sections may include natural sciences, social sciences, and the arts.

General FAQs ragarding IELTS preparation

A: The best way to start preparing for the IELTS is to take a practice test to identify your current level and areas of weakness. Then, you can focus your preparation on improving those areas. It's also important to become familiar with the test format, instructions, and timing.

A: The amount of time you should spend preparing for the IELTS depends on your current level and the score you want to achieve. Generally, it's recommended to spend at least 6–8 weeks preparing for the test, but this can vary based on your individual needs and goals.

A: Some effective strategies for improving your IELTS scores include practising regularly, using authentic test materials, focusing on your weaker areas, developing your vocabulary, and improving your test-taking strategies, such as time management and skimming and scanning techniques.

A: Whether you study alone or take a course depends on your individual needs and learning style. If you are self-motivated and have a good understanding of the test format and your weak areas, you may be able to study effectively on your own. However, if you require more structure, guidance, and feedback, taking a course may be more beneficial.

A: To improve your speaking skills for the IELTS, it's important to practice speaking regularly. You can do this by recording yourself, speaking with a tutor or study partner, or participating in conversation groups. It's also helpful to focus on fluency, accuracy, and pronunciation, and to become familiar with common topics and vocabulary used in the test.

A: Some common mistakes that students make on the IELTS include not reading or understanding the instructions, not managing their time effectively, not answering all parts of the question, not developing their ideas sufficiently, and making grammatical errors.

Students Say


Here are a few testimonials by students who prepared their IELTS test at Best IELTS class, Kathmandu

I recently had the opportunity to attend the best IELTS Class by Best Consultancy Nepal for my test preparation needs, and I have to say that it was an incredible experience. From the moment I walked through the doors, I knew that I was in the right place. The instructors at the institute are some of the best in the business, and they have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to preparing students for the IELTS exam.

Kritika K.C. Naxal

Throughout my time at the Best IELTS institute, I received personalized attention and guidance from my instructors, which was incredibly helpful in helping me understand the material and feel confident in my abilities. The institute also offers a wide range of resources and study materials, including mock exams, practice tests, and personalized feedback, which were instrumental in helping me improve my scores.

Yugen Sherpa Bouddha

I was impressed by the flexibility of the study schedule at the best IELTS preparation institute. The staff was willing to work with me to create a schedule that fit my needs and allowed me to balance my preparation with my other commitments. Best IELTS class by Best Consultancy helped me score overall 8 with just 25 days of preparation.

Sumit Dhakal Butwal

Overall, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to attend the best IELTS preparation institute and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to achieve a high score on their IELTS exam. The exceptional instruction and resources provided by the institute have truly made a difference in my test performance, and I am confident that they can do the same for you. So, I strongly recommend this institute for the best IELTS preparation.

Smreeti Gurung Pokhara

I found the instructors at the Best IELTS institute extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about helping students succeed on the IELTS exam. They go above and beyond to ensure that each student understands the material and feels confident in their abilities.

Kamlesh Poudel Balkumari

I really appreciate the institute for offering a wide range of resources and study materials, including mock exams, practice tests, and personalized feedback. Also, The study schedule at the best IELTS preparation institute is also highly flexible, allowing me to balance my preparation with my other commitments.

Ankit Kushwaha Saptari

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